Bicultural Celebrations

We celebrated Christmas with my husband’s family this year which probably makes me yearn to be with my family. I got to reminiscing about the foods that were part of our celebrations growing up. At Christmas we always had tamales, turkey and tamales, ham and tamales– which I see as sort of a blend of cultures. My aunt makes a terrific turkey stuffed with the stuffing for “chiles en nogada.” My mom made a decidedly American cornbread & sausage stuffing. But, of course we always had tamales. At new years buñelos are the tradition (and as soon as I figure out how to insert the tilde in wordpress I will– and I’ll fix my name too–aha!). Anyway, I guess I’m in the food mood and would love to hear about other blended traditions.

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  1. #1 by karin boerger on January 27, 2009 - 9:04 pm

    So I guess you would like to hear about my family’s German tradition of celebrating Christmas on the night of the 24th with champagne and BELICHTE BROT (which should have an umlaut over the O in BROT) which my decidedly UN-German husband calls “Kerplaken”?

    And you would like to know that my very German cousin recently added sushi to the evening celebration because of his affinity for the Japanese culture, particularly its food? Yes, BELICHTE BROT is an assortment of pumpernickle and rye breads VERY buttered with liverwurst, hard salami, brie cheese and pickles on top. And then Karsten Holmquist adds a side of sushi.

    We’re not allowed to eat until we sing Adeste Fideles, Est Ist Ein Rose Esprungen, En Belen a Medianoche, and Silent Night in four languages. Have we blended?

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